3 Reasons Why You Should Declutter Your Home Now

by Andrea

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Clutter causes confusion. A lot of times, it comes with anxiety. Even guilt. Putting off piles of papers or mounds of toys. It can’t be ignored. If it is, it will only get worse.

Make some new plans for your clutter. Make it disappear.

1. Start the new year with a clean slate, you deserve it.

The hard part is starting. But, like with nursing, once you’ve latched on, you’re all good.

It’s time to get organized.

Get yourself a to do list and a time frame. Even if you spend just 15 minutes organizing photos or cleaning the cupboard, it’s progress.

Check out the FlyLady to get concrete steps on how to tackle your clutter. Her site lays out baby steps for you to follow and breaks down the house in zones to get you clutter free.

Don’t forget your filing cabinets. They need some love too.

2. Pocket some money or pay off debt.

Once you’ve become clutter free, decide what you will do with your stuff. Toss it, sell it, donate or recycle it.

  • Learn how to sell on Craigslist
  • Get started selling on eBay
  • Have a Garage Sale

If you decide on a garage sale, learn a few things to get it ready.  From pricing to time and place, BestGarageSaleTips is an excellent resource to check out.

Take the money you make and tack it onto your debt. Get rid of a credit card bill or a student loan. Bulk up your emergency fund or begin building it.

3. Simplify your home and marvel at your accomplishment.

Find contentment with what you have…

For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.

Do not start replacing the stuff you just got rid of with more stuff. Establish routines for maintaining your clutter free home.

Once you’ve cleared the clutter in your home, make a plan to clear your debt.


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