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Mainstream Mom urges you to stop spending money mindlessly and to finally achieve your financial goals.

This might include becoming debt free, creating a monthly plan for your money or building wealth… that’s where we can help!

Covering topics like paying off debt, budgeting basics and organizing your finances. You’ll find this site useful in attaining the financial security you crave for your family.

Mainstream Mom was founded to empower Moms by providing them resources to better manage their finances and their homes.

Why the “bad hair”?

Moms often take a back seat to their own needs and it’s usually the hair that suffers. Some day you may get back to curling your hair or even forking out the cash to hit the salon… but for now, the iron remains lost under the sink as we spend our money (and time) on more important things… and that’s totally okay!

I am a Mainstream Mom and a wife. I work from home raising my three kids. I’m not a certified financial planner. I have a BS, but it’s not impressive. What I offer you comes from experience and real life–my real life.

Four short years ago, I gave up my corporate career to be home with my kids. I could no longer take leaving them with practical strangers for nine + hours every day. I had been battling with the decision ever since I was on maternity leave with my first little girl. But, when my Dad died suddenly, things were put into perspective rather abruptly which caused me to think in a whole new way.

Once I left my career, I tried several new ventures to make money from home attempting to replace the missed income (I was bringing home over $70k/year and now it was gone). I fell short time and time again, but not without succeeding in building a pile of debt.

We had a mortgage, normal expenses like every household, credit card debt (sky rocketing) and I was seven months pregnant with our third child when my husband got an email from his employer telling him he just got a drastic pay-cut.

…In a very short time frame, our income went from well over $100k down to $25k. We were in a bit over our heads!

Add the health-care for our new little baby boy (who was helicoptered to a Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit shortly after birth), my Mom suddenly passing away (who is and always has been the center of my world) PLUS my futile attempts to build a home based business and racking up debt. Our lives and our finances were deteriorating rapidly.

Admittedly, we were ill prepared. I was horrible with money and had been my entire life. I never budgeted, always lived paycheck to paycheck and I never cared to learn the important basics of managing money.

Obviously this was our wake-up call.

Thankfully my husband was offered a better job within only one week. We had to relocate and sell our home. We began renting and rebuilding our lives knowing exactly what our goal was, to live debt-free.

Fast forward to today… I create a sizable income working from my home computer.  We’ve made HUGE strides in becoming debt free (almost totally there). I’m an avid “library goer” and I have read books upon books on money management (I’m kind of addicted now). I have taken courses and many classes to improve our families lives financially speaking.

I don’t know everything, but I’m committed to learning all I can about money management and getting rich. =)

I’ll take all the guesswork out of financial security for you and teach you everything I’ve learned (my degree is in Education).

I’m glad to have you here!

-Andrea Pokorny

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