A Budget Resource: Don’t Follow The Crowd

by Andrea

in Change Your Financial Life

Yes, I said the B word. Budget. Don’t freak out, it’s not as bad as you think and if you want any financial peace, you’re going to have to accept a budget into your life.

Many people fear budgeting for different reasons and don’t do it. Think of a budget as a plan, that’s all. If you fail to plan, plan to fail.

Make friends with your budget.

Below are a few resources you can use and decide what works best for you. Don’t give up, find something that fits and use it. You can always tweak, add or change things as you see fit.

This resource includes budgeting software, downloads and how to’s. Happy hunting for the one that becomes your friend.

Mainstream Mom – Here is my rendition of budgeting for beginners. It’s a step by step process and includes a download. Very basic, paper and pencil stuff.

Dave Ramsey Budgeting Forms – Basic budgeting forms to get you started. Print them off and begin spending your money, on paper and on purpose.

Pear Budget – If you’re new to budgeting and find managing your finances overwhelming, they say this is the budgeting system for you. It is online and is free for 30 days – then $3/month.

Mint.com – This is another online tool, however it connects directly to your accounts. Your accounts can all be seen in one place. Set a budget and pay down debt. It provides reports about your spending habits, budget surpluses and shortfalls. It’s FREE.

MySpendingPlanFree secure online personal budgeting software. They incorporate the envelope system with their program where you can make virtual envelopes and stuff them. It also allows you to set goals and pay down debt.

Of course there are other resources out there but these I’m most familiar with (I don’t recommend things I don’t know a lot about). You have to start somewhere and I think you can easily find something that works for you from the list above.

Get organized and begin a budget. You will be surprised how easy it is. It will seem as if you got a raise when actually, you’re just managing your money. Managed money goes farther.

Do you have a budgeting tip or resource to share?


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