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Reduce your cable bundle

News flash! Cable companies keep raising their rates every single year. In fact, since 1996 the average cable monthly cable bill has gone up by 93 percent.

Another news flash! Cable companies raise rates every year because for the most part we let them get away with it. They know that most people will complain, whine and moan but ultimately still pay what they ask every single month.

It is time for moms across the country to stand up and say “enough is enough.” Paying $180 for a typical cable, internet and phone bundle is unacceptable and people around the country need to send a clear message that they are done sending blank checks in the mail every single month.

The good news is that moms everywhere can start fighting back now. The information that I am about to give you should equip you to call your current cable company today and cut your cable television, or bundle, by at least 40%.

Cut your cable billResearch Competition

In order for you to effectively negotiate with your cable provider you need to research the competition. Find out if there is any other cable company in your area.

If there is then you will have just the right amount of leverage you need in the future.

If there is not another cable company in the area then you can use the two satellite companies, DISH and Direct TV, as leverage when attempting to negotiate a better rate. Its always better to reference apples to apples but in this case apples to oranges will have to suffice.

You can take a look at other cable company’s websites and see the current deals they are offering. Write what you see down on paper including any extras like free home digital video recorders, free premium channels and any cash back rewards they are offering to new subscribers.

Who To Call

Do not make the mistake of talking with a regular customer service representative. In most cases these people will not be able to assist you.

You need to speak with someone from the retention department. These are the people who can reduce your rates or give you a better deal.

If a current customer is about to leave for the competition then its the retention department’s job to try to retain that customer. They can make “magic” happen if pushed far enough. In many cases with the manager’s approval they can make deals happen that people think are impossible.

What To Say

When you are on the phone with a retention department rep you need to establish with them that you have found a better deal elsewhere and that you are seriously considering leaving.

You need to already have in mind what you are going to say. Be specific and tell them the other deal you have in mind.

That is why you want to do a little bit of research and know what the other companies have.

The more details you give the customer retention specialist the better they will believe that you are serious about leaving. Being Reduce your cable bundlebelievable is everything.

In your conversation with your current cable company you need to explain to them that you would like to stay but that XYZ company is offering you a really good offer that is too good to pass up. Explain that if they can match the current offer you would receive by switching then you would be willing to stay.

It is important to be nice but firm at the same time. If you sound mean then the person on the phone will not like you and be unwilling to work with you. On the other hand if you sound like a pushover then the representative on the phone will attempt to give you a second rate offer that just saves you a couple bucks for six months.

What Should I Expect

They are going to play hardball with you at first. The representative on the phone will offer you free HBO or Showtime for a couple months. It is very important not to agree to this.

They need to at least give you a $40 discount on your cable, internet and phone bill every single month. You should shoot for an even larger discount but that is the minimum amount you should take.

It takes a lot of money for cable companies to get one new subscriber and them giving you a $40-$60 discount on your services is far more cost effective than trying to get you back later.

Keep in mind that they will most likely set a six month time limit on any discount they give you. That means that in six months your rates will go right back to what they currently are. Tell them that you want them to hold this current discount for twelve months. As long as you are polite yet firm the person on the other end of the phone will comply.

Lower your cable bundleMost people in this country have no idea that the price of most goods and services being sold are negotiable.

Cable is no exception. Unlike gasoline, cable television and high speed internet are considered luxury items. You do not need to have them in order to function.

Additionally, the cable industry is very competitive and all of them are continually battling for more customers to appease their shareholders.

This means that there is absolutely no reason to EVER pay full price for cable and the people who realize this can use this information to successfully renegotiate better pricing every single year.

About the Author: This information was brought to you by Alex Smith, a writer for The Cable Inside Scoop. Here he shows people how the cable industry, as a whole, make their millions and how the average customer can use this information to save money. Cable and satellite companies get away with as much as they can and by knowing how they operate their subscribers can put themselves in a better position to not only save money but get free extras as well.

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