Chicken Pox, Debt and Calamine Lotion

by Andrea

in Pay Off Debt

I remember being five years old, loaded with the chicken pox. Covered with horrible red pockets of rapidly spreading bumps. I was miserable. Hiding behind furniture so I could scratch my severely itchy skin without getting caught.

My Mom cared for my nephew at the time and we had the chicken pox together. We couldn’t stand to wear any clothes. Just two crazy kids full of chicken pox from head to toe.

How grateful I am that my kids won’t have to endure that suffering. And the scars it can leave. How awful.

It’s scary how they spread too. And so contagious. One minute, no obvious symptoms, the next your covered with them and hiding behind furniture.

When I look back at the mountain of debt I accumulated, I relate it to my chicken pox experience…

It seemed no matter what I did, if I promised not to itch, I’d find myself scratching. Just like how I’d convince myself it was okay that I really didn’t have the money and I’d charge a purchase anyway.

The chicken pox would spread… my debt grew.

I started with a few pox on my face, then my arms, then my back was covered. I had one credit card, then two and then the debt just took over.

Acquiring new debt is like having the chicken pox without any wonderful pink lotion. Ahhh, calamine lotion!

Who cared if I had pink dry drippy dots over my whole body, I certainly didn’t. It soothed. It took away the itching. The only comfort I found was when every single bump had a dab of calamine lotion on it.

No lotion, no comfort.

As you can imagine, if you continue to add to your debt it will likely become unmanageable, like chicken pox spreading from limb to limb.

You need to stop adding to it to get rid of it.

Today I propose when you see PINK  it will serve as a reminder to not add anymore debt to your family tree.

Whenever you see pink, it’s your reminder that your debt is going down!

Action Item: Stop Acquiring New Debt and Leave a Comment. What did you see today that was pink and reminded you to pay off your debt, not add to it?

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