Why You Can And Should Be A Coupon Mom

by Andrea

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Were you aware that being a coupon clipper is no longer taboo but savvy? Saving money where you can makes you smarter and happier. Although, adding a coupon career to your already full plate does take time to master.

I know there are Mom’s out there that can hit a grocery store, fill their cart and actually spend only a few cents (I know, because my Mom was one of those smart, savvy shoppers).

Unfortunately, I only now started learning the ropes of couponing. My learning curve was steep but my appetite for success, very large. Initially, I had no clue how much money I could save my family, on groceries and household products. It wasn’t until my coupon journey began that I have shifted my mindset, now looking at coupons like actual money.

If you think finding coupons is difficult, you’re wrong.

Clipping coupons for your every day household items, including groceries, is easy. The key is to know how to manage it all.

You can subscribe to your local Sunday newspaper where you’ll find manufacturer coupons. This is a good start.

After you have the ads handy, go through them and clip what you regularly use. (Save the whole ad though… you may come across a deal down the road that could end up being FREE and you may wish to donate or give it away to a friend). Professional coupon clippers suggest you store these ads in a plastic bin, after marking the date on the front page.

Do not cut coupons and purchase items you would never normally purchase. This defeats the whole purpose of trying to save money (unless of course it winds up being FREE)!

I use The Couponizer to organize all my clipped coupons. It is an absolute necessity for me to keep it all together. Otherwise, it would get too messy and out of control.

In addition to the newspaper, there are tons of websites that provide coupons and coupon best deals. They literally lay out what coupons to use from which paper, how to double them with in store sales and save big. Couponing101 is my favorite site for coupon guidance. You can find an excellent beginners guide here.

With the exception of a mortgage or rent payment, groceries are normally the highest expense in any household. Following a few guidelines could literally cut that expense in half…or if you get REALLY good, up to 70%!

Getting a grip on what you spend at the store begins by making a plan before you hit the road.

Planning ahead is a critical step. It includes meal planning (around your grocery stores sales ad and your coupons) and making a list. This list should then be followed to a T and no other items but what’s on the list should hit your cart.

Lastly, if you have no clue what you pay for items, how will you know if you’re getting a good deal? You can’t rely on sales ads… it may look like your saving (because it’s in a sales ad) but you can’t be sure.

Building a personal price list will come in handy to ensure the prices you pay are good ones. Keep it simple and begin to track items you most commonly purchase and how much you paid for them. Not only will this allow you to track price cycles but you’ll begin to spot bargains for maximum savings.

Do you have any grocery shopping tricks up your sleeve? Please share with us!

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