Everything You Need to Get Started on Your Holiday Planning

by Andrea

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Christmas is coming as it does every year. It’s such a warm and loving time of year. It’s unfortunate that last minute shopping, unplanned budgeting and lack of motivation can ruin it all.

Well, not this year! Don’t let Christmas creep up on you. Be prepared.

With 100 Days to Christmas, a 2011 eBook by Jennifer Tankersley, you will have set goals, you’ll knock out daily tasks and you’ll get on the right track for your holiday planning.

It is designed to be used each day — September 16th – December 25th. This e-Book will ensure you are more prepared then ever.

The daily motivational tasks, activities and events are well thought out. You’ll create a holiday planner and are sure to leave nothing out this year.

Get organized, not JUST for Christmas but the entire holiday season.

Each part of the holiday preparation, from budgeting, to sending holidays cards, to decorating, is included in baby steps, with a time line, to help you prepare your home.  Most importantly with this preparation you are ready to enjoy the holiday yourself… the best gift of all!

Some sample daily tasks:

  • On day 99, Jennifer suggests printing out your calendar and mark all the upcoming holidays between September and December. There are many!
  • On day 93, fall is in the air! It is time to decorate for fall and also sort out the different seasonal decor. Getting ahead on your holiday decorations by first categorizing, then by identifying what you use and what can be donated, really saves you time and money during this season.
  • On day 51, you are invited to share your blessings with a local food bank.
  • On day 45, there is a moment for gratitude included in your preparation.

You can purchase 100 Days to Christmas here. It is a very well thought out, thorough planner for the holiday season.

I am looking forward to a hassle-free, enjoyable season thanks to this eBook! Have you started any holiday preparations yet?


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