How a Community of Mom Business Owners Can Help You Succeed as a Mompreneur

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Juggling a home, a family and a business isn’t easy. You have tons of questions, lots of doubts, plenty of plans and a heart filled with hope and dreams. You don’t know who to trust, ask and turn to when tossing and turning in bed pondering over a business decision. You wonder if your non-business friends would understand the guilt that plagues you each time you cancel a play date.

Yes, it isn’t easy being a mompreneur.

What you need is a community that understands your concerns, helps you find answers to your questions and inspires you to pursue your dreams.

How a Community Can Boost Your Business

Great things happen when people come together. It is no different when a group of mom business owners hang out together, brainstorming ideas, making plans, giving gentle but constructive criticism and helping you succeed.

A community:

* Acts as your sounding board. Should you have doubts about your latest product or pricing your services, ask your community and you’ll get tons of answers.

* Understands your life. Being mom business owners, all of you face pretty much the same challenges and can, therefore, understand each other better. Feel bad about your cluttered house, vent it out with other moms. They’ll understand.

* Inspires you to follow your dreams. Sensibly. Nearly all mom business owners are driven by a sense of purpose, a passion to create a product that will help other mothers. Your community will help you follow those dreams without getting burnt in the process. You can learn from their experiences and create your own business plan.

Finding a Community That Works For You

So, how does one go about finding a community of mom entrepreneurs? Simple. You look for it. You ask around. You see what gives YOU the maximum value.

At The Mogul Mom, we believe that a community is a place to grow. Together. Browse through our archives to learn everything you need about starting a business, networking, branding, marketing and selling. Check out our community where when you join, you get a members-only forum, a community Q&A, a listing on The Mogul Mom’s Community Page and more.

Do you have a community that you can turn to for business advice or mompreneur-to-mompreneur chats?

About Prerna Malik
Prerna is the Managing Editor of The Mogul Mom (, a site dedicated to helping mom business owners run a home business and raise a family. You can follow The Mogul Mom on Twitter @themogulmom, connect with us on Facebook and learn more about our awesome community for mom business owners.


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