How to Get Financially Organized and Stay That Way

by Andrea

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How to organize your finances with simple file folders

Does anyone really get financially organized? With unexpected expenses flying at you left and right and debt lingering on and on for what seems like an eternity, how can that perpetual mess remotely become anything that resembles organized?

It seems like you would need a fortune teller to nail it down precisely. Or have your own telekinesis powers.

Seriously, who can predict your husbands going to need dental work after biting into a egg and chipping his front tooth on the fork? Or your “check engine” light would pop on and you’d end up needing some car repairs?

Money doesn’t suddenly come knocking on your front door. It doesn’t just show up in your purse because your mom is sick and you need extra cash for the back and forth trips. You can’t count on your money to multiply because your insurance is due.

Learn How to Get Financially Organized

Woman questioning how to get financially organizedWhen you found out you were pregnant, you didn’t automatically know how to breast feed (especially if it was your first baby). I bet you had no idea how exhausted you would be after ’round the clock feedings and diaper changes. I doubt you knew how you would master potty training or how you’d combat sibling rivalry.

None of this comes naturally. It takes time. Having the desire to be a good mom and a strong will plus a large dose of commitment results in fairly well adjusted kids. 

With all goods things – i.e. successful money management – you need to put in the work.

Once you find a money management system that works for you and your family you’ll be hooked.

Managing your money becomes predictable and dare I say, fun. It feels good when you see progress unfold right in front of your eyes. Like your debt going away and watching your emergency fund grow to cover all those rainy day expenses.

There are a ton of books that provide you with how-to’s and steps to get your money organized. Online software and other online services are all over the web to help. But, just like with parenting, you likely have your own style. Maybe you’ve simply not found something that you could really sink your teeth into.

Different strokes for different folks. What works for your neighbor may not work for you. It’s important to know that. Don’t ever think it’s YOU that’s the problem. Simply move on until you’ve found a system that has your friends asking you how to get financially organized.


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