How to Get Over the Post Holiday Blues

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The period of time between Thanksgiving and New Years is chaotic to say the least. Moms are engrossed with the demands we place on ourselves, trying to outdo last seasons events. Cooking, entertaining and gift-giving keeps us active and the season naturally uplifts our spirits. But, when the celebrations are over, sometimes a let down sets in.

Understand what it is and deal with it.

Like any major production or deadline-oriented job, euphoria and giddiness over-take us when we realize we are going to meet our anticipated goals.

Creating the perfect holiday experience for our family is no different than planning any major event – but has the added bonus of religious significance for many of us. Enjoy the happiness and treasure the moments with family and friends, and at the same time acknowledge silently that life as you know it, will return with simple regularity.

Set yourself up for a smoother holiday.

Absorb the lessons of the season and move beyond the early December shopping frenzy for next year.

One good way to do this is to establish a budget for gift-giving allotting yourself a small amount of money each month spread out over the eleven months leading up to December. You can evaluate whatever you haven’t been able to acquire for your loved ones by mid-November and plan accordingly.

Make a list for next year, yes already.

Think carefully about your family members and set a dollar amount for each person on your gift-giving list along with gift ideas.

At the same time, evaluate your charitable goals. Often we wait until December to write those charity checks when we see how much is left after giving to our families and friends. Set aside money each month for a family selected charity as part of your monthly giving budget.

Have a once a month shopping outing with the list in your back pocket.

Allow yourself a little shopping experience once a month with your gift list in tow. Even if it’s a clearance sale, dedicated garage sale or flea market experience, give yourself this treat. You never know what you might find that will help fulfill your list.

Then put your holiday shopping hat away. Figure out how to make a cleaner environment or learn to sing or play a musical instrument.

One way to a simpler and easier transition is to set a goal to learn something new or do something differently and then stick to it.

Take your kids on a nature walk or visit a free park and enjoy life. Read more often to the kids or the grandkids, teach them how to bake or start a savings account, or visit some place new.

Changing your routine is the healthy way to move ahead and learn to live in and enjoy the moment. Exercise, cut down on the treats you have made or been given and breathe deeply. December will be here again before you know it.

Mary Ann Rosenthal is a grandmother to four beautiful children under the age of five. She is dedicated to helping her friends and family save money and works with her son Aaron at CyberMondayDeals. She is also an artist, writer and aspiring photographer living in Saint Augustine, Florida.


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