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It’s not often you relate personal finance with enjoyment. Unfortunately money management doesn’t rate very high on the fun factor scale.

You might be happy to find out that managing your money, setting financial goals and realizing your dreams can all be done in one spot… and it’s totally awesome!

Scott Saunders (might want to note this name, he just may turn the personal finance world upside down) reviewed his ground breaking site with me today. He is the CEO and Founder of which, in a nutshell, is a platform created to help people like you fulfill their dreams.

Back to Mr. Saunders for a little bit. His initial entrepreneurial conquest started in 2005 where he teamed up with a friend to provide services to banks. The business became a major sender of default loan notices… by the millions!

Unfortunately, this was a nationwide epidemic and became very depressing for Mr. Saunders. Granted, he didn’t write those loans, he just created a way to get the law required notices out.

Subsequently, he decided he wanted to become part of the solution versus the problem.

Mr. Saunders began to study banking and consumer finance. Ultimately, “dreams are what is all about.”  He even thought, “maybe making finances more fun” would help. officially launches to the public on June 27th, 2011. I couldn’t be more excited for someone I barely know. In speaking with Mr. Saunders I could totally feel his enthusiasm and sense his satisfaction in what he’s creating. has an incredible amount of innovation and thought built into it to help you!

It’s not just a site about setting financial goals, managing money, tracking personal finances, paying off debt and creating your enterprise. It’s that PLUS fun! You have social media intertwined with badges you can win for achievements. It’s engaging and helpful.

The more you understand, the greater your chances for creating financial security. has your back. The initial launch is just the tip of the iceberg with tons of features and benefits to be added.

Their entire team is exceptional, you can expect great things! The Co-Founder, Eden Warner is a REAL rocket scientist. I personally believe could quite possibly change the way we look at money. Times are a changin’… and Mr. Saunders is leading the way.

Check out their Facebook page and register to win $500!


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