Product Review Of The Couponizer: My New Life Long Compadre

by Andrea

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Admittedly, I never clipped more than a handful of coupons. I needed all the help I could get if I was going to save money by couponing. So, I did a little research and found The Couponizer.

Organize your coupons and revolutionize the way you shop!

I knew this system would be significant in saving me money.

Week one:

When I received this little baby in the mail I was highly impressed with the packaging, the speedy delivery and all the contents. (The Couponizer was developed by a mom – Amy Bergin – which makes the product even more irresistible).

As I devoured my new package, I thoroughly examined the contents. I noticed right away how sturdy The Couponizer organizer is. The design and packaging of it clearly shows that the product designers had long term use and abuse in mind when creating it. It’s also rather compact making it easy to handle and tote around.

I was happy to find a pair of scissors and even a carrying bag included, making the system complete.

In addition to the system, once inside,  I was directed to The Couponizer website where I was told I could get coupons and sign up for a newsletter written by Amy Bergin herself.

I was totally anxious to begin organizing and saving so I carefully read all the materials I received. The process is very straight forward.

Week Two:

Having just started my couponing career, I had only a handful of coupons to plug into the organizer. Over the first two weeks I began clipping from the Sunday newspaper and printing coupons from various sites I began to frequent for online savings.

The more I used The Couponizer, the more I realized it’s value. I totally see how I could become frustrated if I just had a pile of  coupons without any way to keep them in order (and had to rely on my own made up system).

My first week I saved a little using the system. The second week I shaved close to 25% off my normal grocery bill. By then I had the hang of how to utilize The Couponizer so I decided to check out what the site could offer in addition to the organizer.

I signed up for the newsletter, got an e-book (free) with a ton of insightful information and also checked out the site which is fully equipped with coupon portals (like and I began to utilize the site, the Sunday paper and magazines like never before.

Week 3:

Dotted-dash lines around advertisements started my heart to race. Seriously,  my mindset began to totally shift… I began to see coupons more like cash than anything else.

This couponing thing isn’t easy, it takes focus and commitment but I began to see the real significance in this nifty system and the tools it can provide you.

Week 4:

My initial grocery bills averaged $135/week and now after only four weeks of The Couponizer in my life, I average $75/week! Plus I’ve loaded up my freezer with great buys I never would have realized without The Couponizer system.

The Couponizer is simple, tidy and compact. But the major benefits will be seen in your budget. I highly recommend The Couponizer to all my readers if saving money is something you’re interested in!


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