Saving Money With The Help Of Coupon Sites

by Andrea

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Saving money with coupons is fun. There are many awesome coupon sites. Sites jam packed with information on how to save money, and more. You can find coupons, hot deals and insights on how to keep more of the green stuff in your own purse.

Coupons are like real money.

At the checkout, after a few short months of clipping coupons, the register total showed $55.51. I handed over my coupons, bringing the total down to $19.16. I accidentally dropped a coupon on the floor and noticed it after my transaction was complete. The cashier took it… punched a few buttons and handed me $1.03. Sweet.

I’ve shaved our monthly grocery bills and household expenses down by $380 (for starters, I’m still learning). That’s no small change.

The only trick to couponing is knowing where to find the coupons then matching them up with sales at your store(s).

Here’s a list of some sites I love. I’ve subscribed to these sites and I receive emails on how best to save, among other things. They lay everything out for you. It’s too easy.

Check them out and enjoy all the information they provide for free.

1. The Couponizer – Great savings, a coupon organizing system and more. (Check out my product review of The Couponizer). Follow The Couponizer on Twitter.

2. Couponing 101 – Getting started tactics plus way more. I get a daily email of great buys;  she saves me money every month (and she does all the work).  Follow Couponing 101 on Twitter.

3. CouponMom – Learn how to cut your grocery bills in half. She has two excellent books (check them out at your local library). I learned a ton from her. Follow her on Twitter.

4. Saving Everyday – Coupons, deals, recipes, freebies and more. Daily emails with savings  (again, where she does all the work for you). Follow her on Twitter.

5. My Savings – Free samples, coupons and tons more. A huge list of savings in your email box, simple! Follow them on Twitter.

6. For The Mommas – Coupons, free stuff and yes,  lots more. A free daily email digest (never ever miss a deal). Follow her on Twitter.

These are a few sites I use to save hundreds of dollars and shop at stores I love. Like these Lowes coupons and promotions for example. Pick one or two, check them all out and see what they have to offer. You’ll love how they do all the work for you.

Do you have a gem of a site you’d like to share?


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