What Kind of Couponer Are You?

by Andrea

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Coupon Moms

Not Every Couponer is The Same

Different lifestyles means different needs and therefore, different coupons. Luckily, when it comes to online savings and coupon codes, there’s room for everybody. In the graphic below, we’ve concocted a silly little mob of couponing personalities. Each one is our own take on a member of the couponing family, along with an example of their cut-out of choice. Where do you fit in to the couponing picture?

Coupons.org is dedicated to providing a bounty of daily deals, coupon codes, consumer advice, and fun. Along with our useful coupon search bar, we do our best to update you on the latest and greatest in retail savings.

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Types of Couponer Infographic

Source: coupons.org

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