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by Andrea

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I often scour the Internet and network with many other entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Providing concrete personal finance information that you can use and implement to change your life is my goal.

During my normal routine of searching for valuable information to pass along to you, I was led to this site… Yakezie.com … where I found the most remarkable personal finance network.

The site is made up of other personal finance and life style bloggers who all know each other and collaborate together…

We’re a group of individuals who all wish to improve our personal finances in some way or another.  Some may have plenty of debt to pay off.  Others may be looking to find a new career.  Still others wish to retire early and travel the world.  The amazing thing is that within the Yakezie alone, we can find answers to many of our inquiries and problems!

Certified Financial Planners, doctors, journalists, authors, stay at home mothers, and entrepreneurs you name it.  We are all apart of the Yakezie.  With the collaboration of so many different backgrounds, there’s no obstacle we can’t tackle.

The founder of the Yakezie network is Sam Dogen from Financial Samuraia place where you can share your thoughts freely on all things personal finance related.

Here is the list of the official Yakezie network.

It is an exclusive list where each member is required to complete the Yakezie Challenge – a six month period  where individuals follow set guidelines. They develop the best relationships possible while demonstrating their commitment and consistency with their site.

So guess what? I’m in! I’ve joined the challenge to improve my site and collaborate with other awesome people who ultimately have the same goals I do.

We never know what the future holds.  One thing is for certain is that if we do nothing, we will always be left wondering.

I believe this challenge is going to take MainstreamMom to an entirely new level. I hope you’re excited to see what I have in store for you down the road! I know I am.

The Yakezie is one of world’s largest and most sophisticated network of personal finance and lifestyle bloggers. Through collaboration and the selfless support of others, we strive to improve the lives of every one of our visitors.

Follow Yakezie on Twitter @Yakezie, join them on Facebook, and subscribe to their RSS feed.


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